The price of the ride appears on the meter, at which point eventual supplements are added for:bagages, dogs, telephone calls, night-time service, etc. If the meter has not been activated, then you are only required to pay the minimum fare. In the case of taxi tours, you can choose to leave the meter running or you can agree abead of time to an equitable price, calculating the type of service requested and the time the taxi is at your disposal.

Fares Capri
Minimum fare Lit 10.000
Fare at beginning of ride Lit  5.000
Every mt.78 Lit 200
Every 25 sc. stop Lit 200

IThe taxi meter is activated at the moment the request is received. The client is required to pay the minimum fare fee of 10000 lire even if the meter reads less. 

Beetween 22,00 and 06,00 Lit 3000
For each suitcase Lit 1500
For more of 3 people Lit 1500
Dogs Lit 3000
Telephone calls Lit 2500

Present any complaints to
Public transportation office


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Via Acquaviva, 5-CAPRI
Tel.081/8376657-Fax 0818379538

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